What is NESU & how it works?


NESU is…

  • … a smart phone card made to protect smart phone users.
  • … a globally unique and innovative technology, with features that protect users in a remarkably effective way from harmful radiation generated by a mobile device during conversation and data transmission.


NESU coverScientifically proven and certified by the renown Institutes worldwide:

  • IBBU Institute in cooperation with the Center for Intellectual Medical Systems “IMEDIS”, Moscow, Russia.
  • BION Institut (Ljubljana, Slovenia)


Easy to use and apply in any type of smart phone.

Awarded with 8 gold and 1 silver medal at the most important invention shows and exhibitions in the world, such as:

  • BIS (London, UK)
  • INST (Taipei, Taiwan)
  • INPEX (Pittsburgh, USA)
  • ARCHIMEDES (Moscow, Russia)
  • TECHNOLOGY EXPO (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)
  • IIFME (Kuwait)
  • INOVA (Croatia)


20151127_NESU__5994About NESU

NESU is made from raw materials that have not previously been chemically treated (Series A5: Gold, Silver, Copper, Nickel and Quartz).

The ingredients are non-toxic, have been medically tested in technology for many years and are well tolerated by the human body.
NESU is created using a vacuum process and a specific energy program under an exact frequency.
NESU is designed for use in any existing mobile device. With dimensions of 25 mm x 10 mm, and a thickness of 0.3 mm, simply stick NESU card on the back of any mobile device or keep NESU card in close proximity.




How does NESU work?

With its carefully composed alloy of non-ferrous and noble metal, enhanced by programming at a precisely defined frequency, NESU…

  • … stabilizes the human energy field.
  • … significantly reduces heating of brain cells.
  • … eliminates and neutralizes the negative impact of electromagnetic radiation on the human body, caused by the use of mobile devices.
  • … in addition to the loads generated by a mobile device during conversation, also eliminates the loads generated by other devices, namely any loads that were already present.


What NESU does not do?

It is important to stress that, when NESU card is placed onto your mobile device or kept in the vicinity NESU DOES NOT:

  • does not reduce mobile radiation (put simply, NESU deals with the radiation through its energy / frequency programming to reduce the effects radiation impact on human).
  • does not affect the device functionality in any way
  • does not reduce nor interfere with mobile signal
  • does not impact the device battery function


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