The idea of protecting the human body from electrosmog first came to life about 10 years ago. Intense research and the development of the NESU-project started in 2005. The result of our seven-year-long effort is the prototype of the NESU-card. The results of the research showed that the project is moving in the right direction – constant improvement created today’s NESU-card. The final product was tested at the IBBU Institute, Austria, in cooperation with the Centre of Intellectual Medical Systems IMEDIS, Moscow, Russia. The research conducted at the institute showed impressive results, which allowed the NESU-project to finally come to life in 2012. NESU has received global recognition and gold medal at various innovation fairs - at the INPEX 2012 in Pittsburgh the USA, the Euroinvent 2012 in Romania, INOVA 2012 in Croatia and the IIFME 2012 in Kuwait.


NESU’s quality will be quickly recognized and accepted by its users, which is why each management segment is directed towards the excellence and growth of the project as a whole - from education, organization and production to delivery of the product to every corner of the world.


Forming the NESU brand as the holder of a larger vision, set in the direction of promoting individual and social healthcare, the importance of prevention and research and development of new products that enable its users with healthier living conditions.