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Company leadership

 PXL_161213_6839594Dražen Vulama – CEO

Chief Executive Officer – NESU SMART PHONE CARD:

  • Overall responsibility for the business, strategy and commercial partnerships
  • Lead – product placement and worldwide sales channels (currently 4 continents and multiple countries)
  • Lead – recruitment for the legal, marketing and distribution departments
  • Lead – Product Certifications



Supervisory Board

Untitled-1Slavko Lauš

Slavko Lauš is the expert in materials which he has developed over the last 20 years.

His companies recycling activities are primarily that of colored metal waste using the most up to date recycling technologies.

The products made by recycling are exported to multinational companies within the EU.







Jurica fotoJurica Mavrović

Jurica Mavrović primary focus is the research of different types of frequencies and technology which will aid various medical problems with a faster recovery.







The idea about the development of a product with the purpose of protecting people from the negative effects of radiation of cellular phones came to life in the 2001, after the meeting of three people who began researching the same: Mr. Slavko Lauš, Mr. Heinz Reinisch and Mr. Jurica Mavrović.
Mr. Heinz Reinisch is an inventor active in various fields of expertise, who at first took the position of mentor and team leader (energy, water purging etc.), Slavko Lauš is an expert in metals, alloys and other materials, while from his childhood on Jurica Mavrović has researched and mastered frequencies, radio waves and the alike.
After collaborating and sharing their combined knowledge, they decided to start with their first experiments. Those beginnings were mostly related to the finding of materials that are suitable for receiving quantum programming.
From 2001-2008 the research was focused on not only on the discovery of suitable materials, but also on the energy field of a human being as well as the frequencies of people and materials. After a while, and using different methods, the first prototype of the card was made and given for testing. The test results came out positive, meaning that it was proven that it is possible to protect and even enhance the human energy field by using the card.The research itself was based on the system of trial and error, that eventually lead to the discovery of the ideal ratio of copper (known to be an excellent conducting medium), titanium (superb conducting medium that is light but exceptionally solid in the same time), quartz (which is piezoelectric and therefore commonly used in high-frequency radio and ultrasonic technology; also it is memory material). This breakthrough led to the Patenting of the alloy by Presencia d.o.o.Over the last few years, the programming itself and the frequency has been perfected by Mr. Lauš and Mr. Mavrović.


In 2008 Mr. Vulama joins the project as the commercial and marketing associate. In the same year, the company Presencia d.o.o. was founded with the purpose of giving the project a legal and commercial basis.

In the period 2008–2011 series of trials were made with volunteers from Croatia and Austria. After positive feedbacks the decision was made to send the product for a final testing to the IBBU Institute in Austria that cooperates with the IMEDIS Institute in Moscow. The testing lasted from June to October 2011 and resulted in the confirming of the efficiency of NESU.

This is when the product was ready to be presented globally.

In 2012, Mr. Mavrović and Mr. Lauš have filed the patent for NESU under no. P20120303A – named device for the protection of human health from the negative effects of radiation of cellular phones.


In January 2012, the company Presencia d.o.o. has assembled a team of individuals who worked on the design of the product, sales strategy, marketing etc.

In 2012 Presencia d.o.o. has filed for trademark protection of name and logo for NESU smart phone card in Croatia and 50 more countries worldwide. In 2013 the trademark protection for NESU was confirmed.

The product was officially presented at the INPEX 2012, the largest innovation and new technologies exhibition in the United States.

Although the first specimens of the finished product were ready to be placed on the market, the decision was made to make additional trials of material in order for the same to be certified as safe for the human body:
– October 2012, Andrija Štampar Institute in Zagreb – certified,
– November 2012, SGS Switzerland in its branch in USA – certified,
– May 2013, LMATS (NATA) Australia – certified.





NESU coverNESU’s quality will be quickly recognized and accepted by its users, which is why each management segment is directed towards the excellence and growth of the project as a whole – from education, organization and production to delivery of the product to every corner of the world.




Forming the NESU brand as the holder of a larger vision, set in the direction of promoting individual and social healthcare, the importance of prevention and research and development of new products that enable its users with healthier living conditions.